3 lessons learned while lying around for 3 days…

I was forced to be laid up the last three days.  What a bore.  I couldn’t even do anything overly productive while lying around because I didn’t have the energy.  Being a highly productive person, on the go all of the time it has been very difficult for me to sit still.

  • I was forced into being un-productive, however it has been a blessing.  As I am sitting here typing. I realize that I have more energy because of the rest, to do the things that I don’t want to do sometimes. For example:  I like blogging, but sometimes being creative is so difficult and mind numbing, that I don’t even start, (this blog is an example of not being creative (LOL) ), however, I am still doing it because I have the energy to do so, even if the creative juices are not flowing.  The great Dale Carnegie said: “Rest before you get Tired”, I need to follow that principle more often.
  • If you thought Night-Time Television was useless, try day time television.  I have never seen so many shows that add absolutely no value to human-life.  Maybe I missed them somehow, but the talk-shows, the news-shows, the sports-shows, you name it, none of them really do much for anyone.  One could actually argue that it could make people regress if you watch day-time television all day.  At least Night-Time television has some entertainment value.  Even though I don’t watch these shows I understand their impact on our culture.  American Idol, The Bachelor, Survivor, etc. to name a few.  Each of these shows educate us on winning and competing if nothing else.
  • When you are not around, life around you, work, and pretty much everything else still goes on.  We all know this, but it just becomes even more apparent when you are sitting on the sidelines watching.

I am truly blessed, I was only out of it for three days. However, there are some people that have no choice in the matter and can’t even be in the game.  My passion and vigor for life and doing something of significance and worth is even hotter because of this down time.  I have the opportunity to do what I want, when I want, and how I want, what a blessing that is, I need to take advantage of it, and you should as well, most of us have a choice in the matter.


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