The iPhone is on version 5, which version of you are you on?

I believe the iPhone is currently on version 5, Microsoft Windows is on “Windows 8”, and I just upgraded my MAC Book Operating System to “OS X .”  Why are they constantly updating these things?  It requires consumers to buy it if we desire the latest and greatest?  And how many of us purchase the upgrades?  If we don’t, we won’t have the newest technology, or the fastest speeds, or the newest features and we all agree that this will just not work.

Just like Apple and Microsoft all companies must update their products for them to stay relevant.  Look around to your left and to your right, how many Blackberry’s do you see?  Probably not any, Blackberry didn’t update their product and thought that their customer loyalty was so strong that they didn’t need to, and when they finally did make a decision to make changes it was too late. The market had moved on to the other products.

You are no different from these companies.  We as Human beings should constantly be seeking to improve our own product which is ourselves and don’t wait too long to do this.  I, like most people did whatever one else did.  I graduated high school, went to work, decided that wasn’t going to work, so I decided to go to college and get a two-year degree, then I decided that it wasn’t enough to get me where I wanted to be, and then went on to get further formal education.  After completing my formal education I was introduced to self-development, and that is what changed my life and career forever more.

During my first 6 years in the marketplace I did better than average, but when I got turned on to self-development and self-education, I doubled everything in those next 6 years.  Sure experience and circumstances helped, but I give all the credit to investing in my most appreciable asset, which is my own self-education.

Seems like iPhone gets upgraded about every 1-2 years.  Which works for iPhone, because they are one of the most successful companies in the USA and the world.  I think we should be investing in our own product (ourselves) everyday.  When is the last time you had an upgrade?  Are you running the best version of you?  One my mentors says and I also believe it is in the bible (don’t quote me on the bible acknowledgment), but we should all earn everything we can, save all we can, and give all we can, and the only way we can do this, is to be all we can.  To be all you can, you must constantly upgrade your skills, your knowledge, and invest in yourself, don’t become a Blackberry.


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