I am just not sure what it was

I am not sure what it was this morning.  Was it the fact that I lost an hour of sleep?  I got up too early?  I had a long week last week?  I have too much on my mind?  I have a lot of decisions to make?  I am sure it was a combination of all of those things that sprung me out of bed at 4:00 am this morning. So I make the decision to get my exercise out of the way, which I normally prefer to work out in the afternoon on Sundays.  So at 7:00 am this morning I could have easily went back to bed.  But I knew in my head that I needed something to get me going, to get me motivated.  Even though I was at it early getting things accomplished, I knew I needed something more today.

I made it to church.  For those who do not know, I made the decision to start attending Church again back in August, and I haven’t missed a week yet.  However this morning I was contemplating missing it.  But I knew I needed it today.

So with my groggy-ness (not sure that is a word) I get my coffee and make it to church.  It was exactly what the doctor ordered.  I am not going to get spiritual here, because I am an amateur when it comes to the church and theology.  However, what I am an expert in is the fact that the sermon on Sunday can change your feeling, your attitude, and your life.  The music (which I sing a long with) changed my attitude and got me excited about the sermon.  Then the sermon must have been written for me today.  It really resonated with me.  I walked away after church today feeling like a whole new person.  My mentor told me that we all have to face the “winds” in our life.  But what matters most is the set of the sail and the sermon on Sunday mornings can help you set your sail.  I am smooth sailing right now and looking forward to a great week.

Brian Willett






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