Motives are the beginning of all desires

Dr. Napoleon Hill asked Mr. Andrew Carnegie:  Was your major motive to make money?

Mr. Carnegie replied with: NO, my major motive always has been that of making men more useful to themselves and to others.

What a worthwhile motive Mr. Carnegie had.  With inflation factored in, Mr. Carnegie hits the list as one of the top 4 richest people to ever walk this earth.  Yes this list includes Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Warren Buffet and they are way down the list.

How did Mr. Carnegie do it?  As stated above, it was all about making people better.  He created the environment in his businesses for people to rise out of the ranks through hard work and discipline to achieve greater jobs and greater responsibility.

As a leader it is our job to equip men/women with the environment and opportunity to become more useful to themselves and to others.  We do this by creating a motivating culture where people can express their thoughts, take risks, fail, and contribute to the overall goals of the company or department.  We also do this by guidance, mentoring, and educating them to develop themselves personally and professionally.

Be a leader today and do like Mr. Carnegie did and be motivated by equipping your team to be more useful to themselves, and others, and in turn they will be more useful to your business.

Brian Willett


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