5 Super-small book summaries

Super small summaries of my last five books that I read!

Title: Tribes; author: Seth Godin

  •  Find your tribe and cater to them and to only them. All tribes need an influencer, you can be that influencer. #leadership

Title:  Crazy Busy (A Mercifully short book about a really Big Problem); author: Kevin Deyoung

  •  We all live a busy life.  We must make a plan and prioritize our hours in the day, plan your time with your family, and plan time for God. #prioritymanagement

Title: Flow (The Psychology of optimal experience); author: Milhaly Csikszentmihalyi

  • To experience flow one must set goals for ones actions to win a game, to make friends with a person, to accomplish something in a certain way. The goal in itself is usually not important what matters is that it focuses a persons attention and involves it in an achievable, enjoyable activity. #inthezone

Title:  Purple Cow (Transform your business by being remarkable); author: Seth Godin

  • The best marketing book on how to be unique and create a memorable experience for your customers. A simple guide to be different in business. #beawesome

Title: The Little Big Things (163 Ways to Pursue Excellence); author: Tom Peters

  • Excellence isn’t a sometime thing, it is an always thing.  You must pursue excellence in everything you attempt to do in business, leadership, customer service, sales, and all aspects of business and in life. #excellence

Brian Willett


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