Month: May 2014

  • Only A players wanted

    Only A players wanted

    In the world of sports you have first string and second string.  You have your A players and what is called B players.  For those people who are not as familiar with sports maybe you are more familiar with celebrities.  A-list actors are exceptionally successful, their notoriety extends beyond the silver screen, and their name […]

  • Why do we struggle to think differently

    Why do we struggle to think differently

    Thinking differently for people is such a struggle.  I am not sure why!  Is it that we don’t know how?  We can’t stop thinking about what we already know.  Are we so tied emotionally to what we already know.  Do we allow our own insecurities and biases that we might lose our power if something […]

  • Invest in you first

    Invest in you first

    I am a process person, I can learn anything and do anything as long as there is a process.  Throughout grade school and my teens, I understood money.  I made it and spent it, that was my understanding of it.  That was the depth of my knowledge.  I don’t recall learning a very solid financial […]

  • Willpower is finite…

    Willpower is finite…

    I am reading the book “Start” by Jon Acuff.  I am half way through it, and it has me so motivated.  In one of the chapters he focuses on willpower.  I consider myself to have a lot of willpower, but as he states, willpower is finite. I remember, when I was about 14 my buddy […]

  • Are you willing to do something different?

    Are you willing to do something different?

    I have the fortunate opportunity to speak to a lot of people everyday about their personal goals and what they would like to accomplish in their career.   It is one of the coolest things about my job and it is definitely my passion. When meeting with someone I always ask do you have clearly […]

  • What are you delivering?

    What are you delivering?

    Whenever you make a purchase, especially a major purchase, people are looking for three things.  The best price, the best quality, or the best service. In any sales situation (buying situation) you can never have all three.  I know some of you may be thinking well, you are wrong.  I will only buy if I […]

  • What is your E:E ratio?

    What is your E:E ratio?

    There has been much debate lately about the 1%. Meaning the 1% of the most wealthy in our nation.  I love the 1%, my goal is to be one of them. One of my many mentors that I have constantly feeding me in my personal development is Brian Tracy.  I really like his name, that […]

  • The things you learn

    The things you learn

    Last week I did not crack a book for two reasons. The one I was going to read wasn’t that exciting, so I tabled it.  I really hate to do that, but life is too short to read something that is not that exciting.  The second reason was, I couldn’t find anything interesting to pick […]

  • How to start off on the right foot…

    How to start off on the right foot…

    I read a blog yesterday from Profiles International that was centered around on-boarding of  a new hire.  Which by the way if you are in the hiring, training, development, an employer, or an employee somewhere, I would encourage you to sign up for their blog or follow them on twitter.  They push out a lot […]

  • Which one is more important?

    Which one is more important?

    I have several morning routines, but there are two that are very critical for me to get my day started.  They are having my morning coffee and reading for at least thirty minutes. My definition of reading is something educational, motivational, or inspirational.  Most mornings I do them at the same time, which works out, […]