Which one is more important?

I have several morning routines, but there are two that are very critical for me to get my day started.  They are having my morning coffee and reading for at least thirty minutes. My definition of reading is something educational, motivational, or inspirational.  Most mornings I do them at the same time, which works out, but over the last week or so I have been quite busy and there were a few days that I didn’t have a chance to read, but I definitely got my coffee.

As I plan for this coming week and reflect on the last week, I am thinking which one of the two is more important for me.  Reading or my coffee?

Well lets see:



  • Wakes me up
  • Energizes me
  • Tastes good
  • Helps me focus


  • I put too much sugar in it
  • I may have a few too many cups on some days (way too much sugar)
  • One day reports say its good for you, the next day it is not.
  • I buy it from a coffee shop ($$$)



  • Wakes me up
  • Energizes me
  • Helps me focus
  • Gets me thinking differently
  • Educates me
  • Motivates me
  • Gets me thinking positively
  • Lasts all day


  • Cant think of any

Last week on the days I didn’t get a chance to read I could tell that my mind and my attitude wasn’t like it is when I get my reading done.  It’s funny as I compare coffee and reading and they both have many of the same benefits initially, but the thing about reading is that the positivity and the thinking differently benefits that it provides lasts me all day long,  when the coffee high is gone after a few hours.  So to answer my question:  Reading and coffee are essential to get my day going, but reading keeps my day going all day long.

Brian Willett


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