The things you learn

Last week I did not crack a book for two reasons. The one I was going to read wasn’t that exciting, so I tabled it.  I really hate to do that, but life is too short to read something that is not that exciting.  The second reason was, I couldn’t find anything interesting to pick up at the bookstore. I actually went to the bookstore twice looking for something and couldn’t find anything.  I have now reloaded and hope to get my newest books delivered this week.    If anyone has some suggested readings please share.

So as I look back on last week, I realize that I only wrote/typed one blog.  Isn’t that interesting, I thought.  I am sure smarter people than me know this, but I realize that the constant consumption of books is what sparks my thinking and writing of my blogs.  Without the reading of new information and ideas, I don’t have anything to blog about.

So how did I go through life for 30 years not reading?  I guess I never had very many ideas or suggestions.  Not to say that I didn’t have any at all, but I am sure they all revolved around my limited thinking of whatever I was involved in at the time.

A friend of mine suggested that I blog this year and it would help me find my thing, my voice, my topic, my “Born to Win” talk that I have been looking to create.  Born to Win was the platform of which Zig Ziglar spoke to audiences about for over 40 years as a speaker and trainer.  I am getting closer each week to this topic.

I have found that the only way I learn in most cases is to do, and when I do and reflect on what I did, I learn even more.

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