You don’t get paid for merely showing up

I just finished “LinchPin” a great book by Seth Godin.  This book really gets you thinking about how you can become a “Linchpin”.  A person that adds so much value to your organization or your market that they can’t afford to lose you, you are “Indispensable”.  In this book he talks about how the Attendance Based Compensation is dead!   Attendance based compensation (ABC) means you get paid for just showing up to the job, showing up to the factory, and that you can earn a decent wage for just showing up.

In 2014, this (ABC) no longer exists and if it does, then it shouldn’t.  Everyone should be more worried about the value they bring to a company, a job, and the workplace.  Jim Rohn says it like this: “You don’t get paid by the hour, you get paid for the value you bring to the hour.”  To get more money and hour, you must become more valuable, and the way you become more valuable is develop your skills.

First, are you bringing so much value that your company can’t afford to lose you?  Can’t afford to outsource you?  Cant afford to bring in an expert and pay them on a contract, versus paying you a full-time wage with benefits.  Do your actions, thoughts, ideas, suggestions, etc. move the company forward and make the company better?

Don’t just show up to the job, bring value, become a “LinchPin” become a difference maker, be so busy doing that you don’t have time to think about anything else.

Brian Willett


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