Month: July 2014

  • Two great questions to ask yourself

    Two great questions to ask yourself

    I will never forget the day my mentor Jim Rohn asked me these two questions some three years ago.  He said it like this “The question to ask yourself is not what am I getting, the question to ask yourself is what am I becoming.”    Two very powerful questions to ask your self.  How […]

  • Who can explain good fortune?

    Who can explain good fortune?

    What is good fortune.  Is it money?  Is it a situation? A person? A thing? Example? Technically it can be all of these things.  Does everything really happen for a reason?  Is GOD driving these things?  Was this the plan for me?  I have to say that I believe that all of these things to […]

  • If this is true, what do you do about it

    If this is true, what do you do about it

    As a trainer, leader, colleague, friend, mentor, subordinate, mentee, partner, business owner, etc. I have found the following to be so true in just about everything in life. I guess it really comes down to the law of averages and the law of large numbers. With anything that is repeated enough you will eventually see […]

  • The biggest GAP

    The biggest GAP

    What is the biggest GAP?  If you put the word GAP in a google search, you would think that it is only a clothing store.  GAP has done a great job at owning the search engine to ensure they pop up first.  However, I am talking about the other gap:  definition:  a break or hole […]

  • How Much and How Many?

    How Much and How Many?

    About three years ago, I was listening to some guy who later became one of the most influential mentors I have had in my life.  I have never met him, I can’t, because he died about two years before I had ever even knew of him. Since then, I have read everything (I think) he […]

  • Trump 101; The Way To Success; Donald Trump

    Trump 101; The Way To Success; Donald Trump

    I wouldn’t call this a book summary, because it isn’t.  What it is, are my highlights from the book as I read it.  Maybe it is a book summary, or maybe it is what I like.  Who knows!  maybe you will find some value in it as well. Somewhere between childhood and the real world […]

  • The Law of Diminishing Intent

    The Law of Diminishing Intent

    This truly is a law.  It’s a law because it is true and without a doubt I have, and many of you have all broken this law many times in our life. What does the law mean:  We have all had that moment when we get really excited about something, maybe it is dieting, getting […]

  • Your responsibility as a salesperson

    Your responsibility as a salesperson

    Last night, I had one of those AHA moments.  If you don’t know what that is, it is when you say, wow I really didn’t understand or know that until just now.  The AHA moment for me when I was conducting my sales class.  I have had many AHA moments over the years, but this […]

  • The Goal Setting plan that changed my life

    The Goal Setting plan that changed my life

    This one little exercise allowed me to set goals that I would have never even considered, thanks to my mentor Jim Rohn. And guess what!!! I have accomplished a lot of the little ones already. Here is your challenge today.  Write down 50-100 things that you want.  ALERT:  WHAT YOU WANT, not what you think […]

  • Are you a LinchPin? My notes from this book

    Are you a LinchPin? My notes from this book

    I read LinchPin (Are you indispensable) from Seth Godin a month or so a go.  In my weird filing and ranking system that I have created, I ranked this book 8 Stars out of 10.  It is a book that gets you thinking about how you can do more and be more, because as humans […]