4 ways to course correction

Don’t we all give off course sometimes in our life?  It just happens.

Maybe we haven’t made as much time for our family? Maybe we haven’t been to the gym in a few weeks?  Maybe we haven’t been as involved in our church, or in a group or organization we belong to? Maybe we haven’t been investing in our work like we should? Maybe we haven’t finished up the house repairs that we started working on?  Maybe we have loosened the reigns on the kids some.  Maybe we haven’t been watching what we eat as well as we were.  Maybe our budget has gotten out of whack again.  At times we all just get off course.

I don’t know if I have the right answer for what to do when you get off course, I just know what I have to do to get myself back on the right path again.

1.  I have to remember why I made the decision to do one of the above stated commitments that I am no longer following. 

What was the original motivation I felt to begin with. We made one of the above decisions for a reason.  Something was happening in our life at that time that compelled us to make the commitment, we have to remember why it was.  Maybe your tests came back high, maybe you got a raise, now you have nibbled away from the original goal.  You have to remember why.

2.  What am I allowing to get in the way.  

Sometimes things come up, but if we allow them to prevent us from achieving what we had planned to achieve, then we must call them excuses.  Some excuses are real.  Maybe it is an injury, or we have been out-of-town for work. But don’t let your BS excuses become real to you.

3.  I have to just go. 

Once I remember my original why, I have to clear the schedule.  I just have to make myself go.  I just go to the gym, or go to the meeting, or work on the budget.  Sometimes this is hard, but it is worth it once you do it.  Once you find yourself back in the saddle, you will remember how much you appreciate it and you will love the fact that you are back on track.

4.  Re-commit.

Once you are back on the right course, you have to re-commit yourself.  The way I recommit is I have to put in some guard rails.  Maybe it is putting the time and dates in my calendar.  Or having an accountability partner.  If it is an organization, maybe you volunteer and take on a role, then you can’t back out.

These are some of the ways I facilitate a course correction, how do you do it?  I would love to hear your thoughts.

Brian Willett


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