1 year ago: What has changed? NOT MUCH

It was about a year ago this month that I made the decision to stop watching the NEWS.  Yes the NEWS.  Mainly the National News.  Yes, I was a FOX News junky.  I watched the O’Reilly Factor, Hannity, and Greta.  Not much Greta, because that is too late.  However, if my TV was on, you can guarantee it was on FOX News.  I watched it every night.  It was my routine.  To date, I haven’t even seen a O’Reilly episode in a year.  I don’t even know if he is still on, I would assume he is. I would also mix it up and watch some of the other National News channels as well, but not as much.  I could get political here, but I won’t.

I cut the NEWS off a year ago. and I cut my cable off about 5 months ago.  Yes I cut my cable off in the middle of Basketball season, what an idiot, right.  Not really. As I look back over the last year, since I stopped watching the NEWS, I can honestly say that the fact that I don’t have all of the NEWS and information of the day in my life, it really hasn’t impacted me at all.  The only impact that it has had in my life is for the good.  I have read more books, made more money, lost a lot of weight, became more physically fit, and in general accomplished a lot more things.

What has changed, NOT MUCH!  Now that I cut it out, I can say without a doubt that the NEWS and cable really provided me no value what so ever.  I hate to look back, but if I add up the amount of time I watched one program, lets see what that is.  7 years I watched O’Reilly.  That is 5 days a week for 7 years, for 1 hour.  That equals:  5 hours a week.  20 Hours a month. 260 hours a year. And 1,820 hours over 7 years.  As I am typing this, I want to get sick. Matter of fact I think I will end my post on this.

Looking forward, I will spend major time on major things and minor or no time, on minor things.  This is the best utilization of my most precious and valued commodity that I have, which is the resource of “time”.

Brian Willett


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