Game Changers do this

What is a game changer?  The first use of this term (according to google, so it must be right?) was in 1993.  The definition:  a newly introduced element or factor that changes an existing situation or activity in a significant way.

Most people want to be Game Changers.  Here are some things that game changers do to ensure they can change the game.

1.  They realize they must change first.  WHOA!  Why wouldn’t this be true? How can you change anything if you aren’t willing to change yourself.

2.  They position themselves in the right environment. We all here about game changing things.  Lets all think back to the 1990’s and how the internet changed the game.  Sometimes environmental factors allow us to facilitate game changing incidents. Game changers realize that they must position themselves in the right environment where game changing things can occur.

3.  Compare. Game Changers don’t compare themselves to others. Why would you?  Since most people are average, doing average things, game changers know that they must be different and they won’t compare themselves to others, because their standard is higher.

4.  Don’t worry about others.  Game changers don’t think about what others are doing.  They don’t care.  They are too busy to care.  They are too busy to even look at what others are doing, much less have time to think about it.

5.  Practice.  We all know what Game Changers are in the world of sports.  They can be inserted into a game at any time and they have instant impact on the game. Do you think that happens by accident?  Nope, it doesn’t.  They practice every day to be able to discipline themselves to perform that way when it matters. Game changers practice until it is built into their muscle memory.

6.  Lead.  Yes game changers are leaders.  They don’t lead by title, they lead by influence. Which means they are doing what others won’t do.  They add value to others because they have added value to themselves first. I work and have worked with lots of people who just manage and in some cases they don’t do that very well.  But leading requires initiative, leading requires vision, leading requires excellence.

Are you a game changer?  Do you want to be?  Which of the points do you need to work on?

Brian Willett



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