5 Things you must do today for your own success!

1.  Write down the one big thing you must get accomplished today or someone will die.  Not literally, but what if you approached everyday like this?  I must accomplish this one thing or someone will die.  Would you be sure to get it done?

2.  Be sure to reach across the aisle, over the cubicle wall, over the telephone, or up the hall and tell someone that you appreciate the work they do.  This not only makes them appreciative that you noticed, but it will change your posture for the day as well.

3.  Either write it down or say it.  What am I grateful for today?  Having gratitude is a real sign of maturity.  Be grateful for what you have to-day.

4.  See if you can make it through the day without complaining.  I know it is hard, but just try.  Don’t complain about the traffic, instead turn the music up and appreciate the down time you are getting.  Don’t complain about anything.

5.  Read something inspirational.  Maybe it is a quote, maybe it is a chapter in a book, maybe it is a blog.  Whatever it is, just do it.  What you pour into your mind is what will come out of you, so let’s be sure it is something of value.

Nothing too hard today, approach today with these attitudes and recommendations and share with me how your day turns out, I would love to hear.

Make it a great day!

Brian Willett


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