Who can explain good fortune?

What is good fortune.  Is it money?  Is it a situation? A person? A thing? Example? Technically it can be all of these things.  Does everything really happen for a reason?  Is GOD driving these things?  Was this the plan for me?  I have to say that I believe that all of these things to be true. Fortune is actually defined as luck or chance.  So good fortune would be defined as a situation or occurrence of good luck or you take a chance and win.  Kind of like a fortune cookie right?  Play these numbers and the chances you win are pretty good!  Yeah Right!

I had a friend whose wife fell down and broke her wrist.  When she went into the hospital and they did all of the tests, they found out that she had an aneurism.  They successfully  operated on her for the aneurism and she lived another 10 years.   Was the fall and the wrist breaking good fortune?  I would say that is a small price to pay for good fortune.  The check “low oil” light on your car that comes on and tells you that you may want to check your engine oil is good fortune as well.  What happens if you don’t check the oil.  Then your engine could lock up and cost you a lot of money to get it fixed.  That little light (signal) is pretty good fortune because it tells you something before it’s too late.

So recently I have had some good fortune come my way.  I don’t know if I would call it luck, because I honestly believe the better I prepare, the better I plan, the better I save, the better my good fortune gets.  But most recently I have had a great opportunity to be exposed to a few different things that have helped me predict my future some.  Predict my future if I decide to stay on the same path, that is.  Two defining moments in one week is probably unheard of, right?  But I had them.  I saw them, I felt them, I heard them, now I must take action on them.

The only way you can see good fortune is you must be aware of it and on the look out or it.  You must be willing to see it when it presents itself.  Use it to your advantage.  Sure, you could look at the fortune cookie and say.  Here it is, I am taking these numbers into Thorntons and put $1000 dollars on these numbers.  Or you can say, I am in a good situation right now, the stuff I am being exposed to really has me heading in the right direction if I stay on this path who knows where I may end up.  The people I am around right now, the influences in my life right now is exactly what I need, the future looks bright.  Take a look at what and who you are around, what good fortune is in your life right now.

Who can really explain good fortune?  I don’t know that I can.  What I do know is that I must look out for it, I must realize it when I see it, and then take action on it immediately.

Brian Willett



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