Month: September 2014

  • 8 super-duper short book summaries

    8 super-duper short book summaries

    Here are my latest reads in my traditional sweet and short summary style. 1.  The Highly Paid Expert (Turn your passion, Skills, and Talents into a Lucrative Career)  author: Debbie Allen You have the knowledge, turn the knowledge into content and sell it using the channels outlined in the book. 2.  Be Good To Yourself   author:  Orison […]

  • Give more

    Give more

    In the process of leading and influencing others I get inspired. Isn’t that interesting?  My mentor says that “Giving, begins the receiving process.”  If this is true, than why not give more.  The goal isn’t to get more, but that isn’t a bad result either. Who can you give more to today? To your success […]

  • The opportunity is in the problems you solve

    The opportunity is in the problems you solve

    I have spoken with people about their own growth and development for years.  This to me is the starting point for a bigger job, a promotion, more money, more opportunities, etc.  You can’t get to the next level without some kind of development to get you there.  Some have been able to get all of […]

  • Everybody is a photographer now

    Everybody is a photographer now

    Over the weekend I was doing a log of writing and reading.  Something that I read that has me thinking about the future.  I wrote down a quote from one of the best marketing minds on the planet, Seth Godin.  He said:  Be in the business of  “Finding Products for your customers, don’t Find customers […]

  • I have had enough of “ENOUGH”

    I have had enough of “ENOUGH”

    Doing just enough is so normal in today’s society. We get just enough service at the local restaurant that we decide not to ask for a manager.  Our results are just good enough that we don’t look for a different solution.  Our pay is just enough that we don’t look for another job.  We have […]

  • Don’t hate on my SWAGGER!

    Don’t hate on my SWAGGER!

    Call it arrogant or very confident, either one works.  However, you can have swagger only when you are consistently doing the following things.  It isn’t that you are arrogant, you are just extremely confident.  What is wrong with being extremely confident? I find that confidence comes from when I am executing the following things at […]

  • The End is in Sight

    The End is in Sight

    If the rate of change outside your organization is greater and faster than the rate of change inside your organization, the end is in sight. –Jack Welch Jack was talking about business and a company. The organization I am talking about today is YOU.  Yep , You are the CEO, President, COO, VP you name […]

  • 2 questions you have to ask

    2 questions you have to ask

    How often does this happen?  We go through a situation and we get through it and we once again find ourselves in that same situation again? And we repeat our same actions and get the same results.  Maybe this only happens to me. Here are two questions that you must ask yourself in all situations. […]

  • Who is in your Reference Group?

    Who is in your Reference Group?

    The definition of reference is the use of a source of information to ascertain something. Every single day we all refer to something.  We may make a political point or point about sports and refer to a source in which we heard that point from. What is a reference group? Reference groups act as a frame […]

  • You are Self-Employed

    You are Self-Employed

    I am sure some people read the title and assumed I would be discussing owning and operating your own business.  Sure why not!  I suggest you do that as well.  Because one thing I know to be true is Profits are better than Wages.  However, what I am discussing is reminding all of us that […]