How to get promoted on the job

I work with lots of people who ask me all of the time “How do I get promoted”.

Here is a solid game plan to get promoted or to make more money in your position.  I have seen this work many, many, many times over and over in my career as well as many others.

Get to work one hour earlier.  What is the old saying?  The early bird gets the worm.  Yes this is true.  When you get to work earlier than everyone else something  magic happens.  You don’t have any distractions and research shows that you can do three hours worth of work in one hour when you don’t have any distractions.

Work through your lunch hour.  I am not saying don’t eat.  But don’t leave the office.  Again, when everyone is leaving for the hour, you can stay back and get things done by maximizing your un-interrupted time.

Stay one hour later.  Yep.  Why not, the traffic is bad anyway.  By staying one hour later you again get the uninterrupted time.

Lastly, my advice as a manager for many years.  Don’t tell your boss, colleagues, etc. how much you work if you implement the above schedule.  They will see you, you don’t have to tell them.  They know.  And your results will show as well.

What if there are no opportunities to get promoted?  Do you want to earn more money?  The above is a sure-fire way to earn more money as well.  The more value you bring to the marketplace the more money someone is willing to pay for your services.  You get paid for the value you bring to the hour.  The more value you bring to one hour of work, the more someone will pay you for that hour.

Personal note here:  I know how much I make an hour and you do as well.  My goal and a solid goal for you should be to multiply that rate by 10 times your current hourly rate.  What if we did that?  What would that do for us?  That is my goal.  Those who say it can’t be done are the ones watching the ones doing it.  Lets go out and do it.  I know we can.

To your success and your future.


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