How to get others to follow your lead

Whether you are a parent, a spouse, a sales person, a colleague, a leader, a subordinate, you name it, you are constantly seeking to have influence over others.   What I have found in the corporate environment as well as with my personal relationships, when I follow the following acronym I am much more influential.

Today, follow some of the below statements and see how it works for you.  See if you get a different outcome than you would have previously by following a different method.

Also, as always I appreciate your feedback on any post I have.

I      nitiate meaningful conversations through asking questions
N     ever be critical of yourself or another person
F      ind common ground and points of agreement
L      isten more than you talk
U     nderstand the other persons point of view
E     ncourage people through appreciation and recognition
N     urture relationships through trust and respect
C     onnect by remembering and using a persons name
E     arnestly believe that the other person seeks the same results you do.

To your success and your future.


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    Wilson, Heather N.

    INFLUENCE all you? Nice.

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