You are Self-Employed

I am sure some people read the title and assumed I would be discussing owning and operating your own business.  Sure why not!  I suggest you do that as well.  Because one thing I know to be true is Profits are better than Wages.  However, what I am discussing is reminding all of us that we are all self-employed.

Sure you and I both work for a company.  That company pays us for the value we bring to their business.  But ultimately we are the CEO of US and company.  Maybe you’re the only employee of your company, or maybe you have others on the payroll of your company.  Like a spouse, children, etc.  Regardless of how many people are within your company it is your job and responsibility as the CEO to operate your business to make a profit.

Just like in business you must set strategy, set goals, plan, invest, make sales, and evolve with the marketplace and conditions so your product (which is you) doesn’t become in less demand as time goes by. You have to continue to create a competitive advantage in the marketplace for your services, just like Apple, GM, and any other company have to do.

So here is your challenge today!  What is the competitive advantage your Company offers (Which is you).  What is the unique selling proposition you offer?  What will your companies services be 3-5 years from now, to maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace?   This kind of thinking allows you to plan and ultimately execute your plan.

I believe most of us have an entrepreneurial spirit within us.  Maybe this is you owning and operating a company that offers a specific product or service.  But remember this, you are already doing this, you already own your own company and operate it daily.  The questions that I challenged you with above is the first step for you determining your value to the marketplace.  If you can’t come up with some very good answers to the above questions, before asking for that next raise or next promotion focus on firming those things up.  Just like a business I think we all can agree that we want to keep Revenue High and expenses low.  Take the first step today to bigger revenues.

To your success and your future.


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