Don’t hate on my SWAGGER!

Call it arrogant or very confident, either one works.  However, you can have swagger only when you are consistently doing the following things.  It isn’t that you are arrogant, you are just extremely confident.  What is wrong with being extremely confident? I find that confidence comes from when I am executing the following things at a very HIGH level.

S  trive: 

  • I have found that when I pursue and I seek, I can find, I can reap.

W ork

  • When I just go at it, everything I need to do becomes automatic.

A ction

  • Sitting idle waiting for the right moment, leads to disgust and disappointment.

G oals

  • These dots on the map to success, are what keep me going even when I feel the stress.

G rowth

  • The constant pursuit of more knowledge is what keeps me away from all of the garbage.

E xcellence

  • When I don’t accept anything less, the more I realize I have yet to be at my best.

R esults

  • This is the only thing that really counts, everything else you measure only gives you doubts.

Do you want more SWAGGER?  We all do don’t we?  Be sure you are taking action in all of the above areas today and lets see where it takes you.

To your success and your future.


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