I have had enough of “ENOUGH”

Doing just enough is so normal in today’s society. We get just enough service at the local restaurant that we decide not to ask for a manager.  Our results are just good enough that we don’t look for a different solution.  Our pay is just enough that we don’t look for another job.  We have just enough good days at work that we just think it is ok, since they outweigh the bad days. We are just healthy enough that we think we shouldn’t worry about health and exercise.  We have just enough money in the bank that we are not living paycheck to paycheck.  We get just enough praise and recognition that it will last us until the next time we get praise and recognition.  Some of us do just enough work at work that we think are existence is justified.  We think that when we put in enough time that “enough time” is more important than the results. We think if we have enough meetings about the issues that they will solve themselves.  If I talk about everyone else not doing enough, it justifies me not doing enough.  Any of this sound familiar?

I am not sure what enough is.  I don’t think it is possible to have enough. Enough is a mindset.  If Michael Phelps thought he was giving it enough in the 2008 olympics, he wouldn’t have won 8 Gold Medals.  In the 100 meter ButterFly, Phelps edged out Milorad Čavić by 100 hundredth of a second.  100th of a second!  How do you even measure that?

So are you tired of enough?  Be spectacular today and seek excellence, don’t settle for enough. That is my goal!

To your success and your future.




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