Everybody is a photographer now

Over the weekend I was doing a log of writing and reading.  Something that I read that has me thinking about the future.  I wrote down a quote from one of the best marketing minds on the planet, Seth Godin.  He said:  Be in the business of  “Finding Products for your customers, don’t Find customers for your products.”

If you think about some of the great products that we all use, typically we didn’t know we wanted them until they were created and made for use.  It reminds me of the camera phone.  I don’t know about you, but up until about five years ago whenever I bought my first iPhone,  I never took pictures, ever.  Maybe I would be in a family photo or something, but me personally I don’t think I ever bought an actual camera, ever,  unless you count my iPhone.  I now take pictures just like everyone else.  Pictures of food, (really), pictures of my nephews, pictures of landmarks, pictures of stuff I did, etc.  Now everybody has become a photographer, and the goal is to see how many likes you can get on Facebook or Instagram.

So it brings me back to the statement I made earlier.  Find products for your customers, don’t find customers for your products.  This means create something unique and different, constantly be creating something.  When you do this, you will have customers.  Steve Jobs and other smart phone makers made the camera as accessible as possible by putting it on your phone, something you won’t dare leave home without.  And now everyone is a photographer.


To your success and your future.



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