8 super-duper short book summaries

Here are my latest reads in my traditional sweet and short summary style.

1.  The Highly Paid Expert (Turn your passion, Skills, and Talents into a Lucrative Career)  author: Debbie Allen

  • You have the knowledge, turn the knowledge into content and sell it using the channels outlined in the book.

2.  Be Good To Yourself   author:  Orison Swett Marden 

  • Everything in life and in business is about how you treat yourself.  The biggest success factor in life is you.

3.  Start with WHY (How great Leaders Inspire Everyone to take action)      author: Simon Sinek

  • The What is not as important as the Why, find out the why and you can lead and inspire people.

4.  Hot Button Marketing (Push the emotional buttons that get people to buy)                    author: Barry Feig 

  • Best book of the year for me on sales and marketing to really hit on the real reasons why people buy products.

5.  Reinventing Yourself (Overcome your Anxiety and Fear when faced with Life’s Problems and Challenges)  author:  Mario Alonso Puig

  • Cant recall anything good out of this book.  Sorry but true.

6.  Change your thinking, Change Your Life (How to unlock your full potential for success and achievement) author:  Brian Tracy 

  • A playbook on how to get out of your own way so you can succeed in life and in business.

7.  Stop Stealing Dreams (What is School For)  author:  Seth Godin

  • Seth Godin is the master at getting you to think differently, this books does this with brilliance.  A must read.  If you want a PDF version of the book email me.

8.  The Art of War  author: Sun Tzu

  • Real War and Business are both battle fields, to win at either one you must have a strategy for your success.  This books gives you that strategy.

To your success and your future.



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  1. Aparna YP Avatar
    Aparna YP

    I love your articles…very short and crisp. Can you please send me the PDF copy of “Stop Stealing Dreams”

  2. Jo Avatar

    Great post.

    I’d love a PDF copy of “stop stealing dream’s”.

    Sent from Joe Romzek


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