Month: October 2014

  • A duh! moment

    A duh! moment

    I had a thought the other day while running.  It really wasn’t a very profound thought, it was more of duh moment.  However, I think those duh moments tend to have the most impact when you actually think of it as a duh moment. Here is my duh moment. I was running listening to a […]

  • Take A Time-Out

    Take A Time-Out

    It is only very few of us who pause and think of what we are, what we would like to be and what we should do to get there.  Today, I want to challenge the readers of this blog and who ever else stumbles upon it with the following: Take a few minutes today and […]

  • Michael Jordan: The Life (What MJ has taught me)

    Michael Jordan: The Life (What MJ has taught me)

    I have read a dozen or so biographies of some of the most historic and prolific individuals that have contributed to our society.  I grew up watching Michael Jordan and I can remember the 1992 USA Olympic Team and my buddy Wes and I playing the Sega or maybe it was the Nintendo basketball game […]

  • 3 Things

    3 Things

    Life is really busy, but it is always busy isn’t it?  We have more and more things pulling at us and our most precious commodity, which is the time we are blessed with everyday. So today, I have put three things to accomplish on my list.   I am calling these three things the big […]

  • The justification

    The justification

    Yep, we have all been there done that “The Justification.”  We have a decision that we have made or we need to make.  It can be big or small, major consequences could come from it, or no consequences.  It could have very little impact on our lives or major impact on our lives.  It could […]

  • 7 Ways to More

    7 Ways to More

    While “less is more” can sometimes be a commendable attitude, there are certain areas of life where pursuing more is the best, and only approach to a more fulfilling life. Be on the lookout for my first book. 7 Ways to More!  (Maximize and enjoy what you have while reaching for the next) To your […]

  • Book Announcement:  7 ways to more

    Book Announcement: 7 ways to more

    Subtitle:  Maximize and enjoy what you have while reaching for the next.  Yes the subject of this blog is my book title and above is the subtitle. This is technically my first announcement on my soon to be released book.                            7 Ways […]

  • A percentage of something is better than a percentage of nothing

    A percentage of something is better than a percentage of nothing

    Over the weekend I ran in a 10K race.  This was the second time I have run this race.  Last year my goal was to complete the race in under 50 minutes.  This was the first 10K and race I had ever actually competed in.   I ended up completing the race in 49:42 and […]

  • Head Games

    Head Games

    Accomplishing new goals and goals in general really is a mindset thing.  For you to accomplish a goal it requires you to first set a goal.  (this is where most people fail)  They never set a goal.  (Shoot me an email if you would like a copy of my goal setting program) Once you set […]