Book Announcement: 7 ways to more

Subtitle:  Maximize and enjoy what you have while reaching for the next. 

Yes the subject of this blog is my book title and above is the subtitle.

This is technically my first announcement on my soon to be released book.                            7 Ways to More.   I am getting excited.  I met with my design team yesterday on the book cover and book layout for my upcoming book.  We are about 12 weeks away.

A lot of people hear or see the word more and they instantly think, “do I really need more of anything?”  “I already have more than enough on my plate.”  “I have more responsibilities at work”, “I have more deadlines”, “my children need and require more than ever”, “there is more of just about anything and everything that is constantly pulling at me, I am not sure I can handle more of anything else.”

This book is about “What If” and “Why Not”.   “What if” you had more of these 7 things in your life.  “Why Not” me to enjoy all I have while I pursue all I want.  In this book I discuss 7 concepts for you to consider having more of.  I want you thinking about what could be the results of having more of these 7 concepts in your life.  I will also challenge you as the reader at the end of every chapter with 7 questions to get you thinking about “What If” and “Why Not”.

This book weaves in personal stories from my background and my pursuit that is probably not any different from yours, I am sure.  I want to challenge the reader to say “I am happy where I am”, “But I am just getting started.”  I feel like the future is bright and gets brighter everyday. As the author I personally feel that I just got started and my goal is to convey to you as the reader the same message.

I look forward to sharing this book with everyone.  I will be sharing more information as we get closer.

To your success and your future.


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