The justification

Yep, we have all been there done that “The Justification.”  We have a decision that we have made or we need to make.  It can be big or small, major consequences could come from it, or no consequences.  It could have very little impact on our lives or major impact on our lives.  It could be a daily decision, weekly, monthly, or a recurring decision.

Do you know that little person inside your head.  The one that sounds like you talking to you.  Telling you that you’re good, just do it, or don’t do it.  It can be either one.  But this voice (which is your voice) has a way of convincing you to do something or nothing doesn’t it?

I had the conversation this morning with this little voice.  Yep, I and the other me inside my head had a long conversation.  The real me, ended up winning though.  I’ll call the “real me” the outside me.  The one who decided to do it any way.

I woke up at my normal time and hit the snooze button on the annoying alarm sound that the iPhone perfected. It has to be the most annoying sound ever.  Call me lazy.  I then hit snooze again. After hitting it twice, I finally got up.  Not up and out of bed.  Just awake and stopped trying to fall back asleep. (this is called being extra lazy)  The whole time I was doing all of this,  the little voice inside me is telling me, “you don’t need to work out Brian.”  “You deserve this day off.”  “You have earned it.”  “Come on sleep in”.  I actually went back and forth with this person several times this morning.  After two hours.  Yes two hours.  The real me won.  I got up and said, let’s go and get this work out done.

What are you trying to justify in your head right now.  Are you trying to justify that you and your spouse didn’t talk last night before you went to bed, because of a stupid argument.  Did you justify eating that dessert last night because of a long day at work?  Or are you like me and struggled with that little voice in your head that tried to prevent me from getting closer to my goal that I have for my health?


That little voice is the best salesperson on earth, but he didn’t win this morning.  I did.  Excellence is pursued daily, it is not a sometime thing or when I feel like it thing, it is an everyday thing.

To your success and your future.


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