Winning is easy

What do you consider winning?  Is it landing the next promotion?  Acing the next exam?  Living a life that God wants you to live?  Be able to provide for your family?  Having more than enough to live off of?  Having money left over in the bank after all the bills are paid? Whatever you definition is of winning, it is really easy to do isn’t it?  All it requires is doing a little more than you would normally do.

Isaac Newton figured it out long ago.  The natural pull is downward.  If you don’t believe me.  Get on top of your house and throw a rock off of it and see where it goes. Look at a bird, sure it can glide for a few seconds, but if it isn’t flapping its wings it is falling down.  So if the natural pull is downward, and you look at the above list as winning, how do you win?

I believe it begins with making a commitment to win.  Meaning you will do whatever it takes to win.  When I say whatever it takes, I mean, it must be moral, ethical, and legal.  But it requires you to make a commitment.  Don’t forget to add the why to your commitment.  Your WHY is what will keep you going when the work gets hard.

You have made the commitment, now what?  Well now it is time to make a game plan.  You just can’t go into this thing without some preparation and a well designed plan.  A poorly designed plan is better than no plan at all, but why not take the time to develop the best game plan you can to win the game.  How much time do you think Nick Saban spends on designing a game plan so his Alabama Crimson Tide can win on Saturday afternoons?  It is a lot of time.

So now you have made the commitment to win.  You have designed a game plan.  What is next?  It is now time to go to work!  Nothing can be accomplished without the work.  Nothing happens until the labor is done.

When the work gets hard, remember your why.  I am not sure any of my suggestions on winning fits what you would classify as winning.  However, the game plan as outlined above is the same for everybody.  You must make the commitment, design a game plan, and go to work to make anything happen.

My mentor Jim Rohn talks about the ant philosophy in this video: check it out by clicking on the link we can all learn a few things from the ants.  They have no choice but to win everyday, because if they don’t they die.  What if we took that approach to everything in life that matters.

To your success and your future.






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