Good intentions and intentionality

Don’t we all have good intentions?  I have put together a brief list of a few items of intentions that I have had personally and a few that I think we all may have now or have had at one time.

  • Save X amount of money $$$$ in savings
  • Contribute X percent to my 401K
  • Lose X amount of weight
  • Exercise more
  • Quit smoking
  • Drink less
  • Quit facebook
  • Eat less
  • Spend more time with my family
  • Make it to church every Sunday
  • Write a book
  • Blog everyday
  • Read more
  • Network more
  • Go back to school and finish or start a degree
  • Stop complaining about my job
  • Change my career
  • increase my income

We all have intended on doing one of the above, or many of the above at one time and fell short of realizing those intentions. (unless you are just different from everyone else)  Why is it that we fall short of the good intentions we have?

This is where Intentionality comes in.  Intention is really just a desire or it could be a wish. Intentionality is the plan to get you to the intention.  You can’t go into battle without a plan, if you do it will be bloody and you will most likely lose.  You have to have a plan.

How can you turn your good intentions into reality?  You have to design a purposeful and intentional plan and then execute the plan by being intentional about everything you do, or more importantly, things you don’t do.

There are days, weeks, months, and years where your good intentions don’t get fulfilled?  Or is this just me.  Why don’t they?  Maybe something comes up?  Maybe something changes?  Maybe this or that.  Guess what, this will always happen, that is why we must live our lives with purpose and be intentional about everything we do.  Since I am a sports fan I like to use sports as my examples.

Do you think  Coach Pitino or Coach Calipari intend on winning every game?  Absolutely.  So when they are preparing for their next game and the offenses and defenses they will execute with their opponent, do you think those plans are not designed intentionally?  Absolutely they are. They intend on running those plays and they intend on winning the game don’t they?  Now at times something happens that we all hate?  They don’t play the game with intentionality and focused execution and the intentions don’t get realized.  We all hate that don’t we.

So live your life with purpose and intentionality today.  Turn your good intentions into reality.  The biggest gap in the world is a topic I have discussed before and is a great segway from this topic.  Click the link to learn what this gap is

To your success and your future.


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