Poverty is a mindset

What is poverty?  Sure we think of poverty as being the difference between rich and poor in the context of money.  Is money a piece of it?  Absolutely it is.  The one thing about money is you can count it and it is easily measured.  The poverty I am talking about is “the lack of something”.  What are you lacking right now?  What is keeping you in a mindset of poverty when it comes to your life.

Many of us get caught up in a poverty mind-set for various reasons and it can be hard to break out of that mindset.  Here are five areas that may be keeping you in a state of poverty.

Doubt:  Maybe you doubt your abilities, your value, your skill sets.  Doubt is a mindset that can be changed, but you have to work at it.  You have to start developing the skills to give yourself more confidence. Once you have that confidence you will overcome the doubt that may be holding you back.

Indecision:  Indecision is the root of all poverty.  Not being able to decide to do something versus doing something else.  This keeps many people stuck right where they are.  Should I go back to school?  Should I sell my car so I don’t have a car payment?  Should I leave my current job?  The lack of making a decision in all of these areas and the million more areas, is what keeps us in a poverty mindset.

Procrastination:  The human being is the only living thing on earth that has the ability to procrastinate.  When a cat is hungry, it doesn’t look at the mouse and say, I will get to it later.  Nope its instincts says strike now, so I can eat.  What are you procrastinating on right now that is preventing you from eating?

Expecting poverty:  Some of us grow up in a poverty mindset.  We believe that our parents are poor, our friends are poor, so we will be poor.  First of all you can’t change your parents and your family, but you can change your friends.  You can change what you read and what you expose yourself to.  Sure you may have grown up with a mentality of expecting what you currently have, or maybe you have exceeded what you thought you would ever get. If this is the case then I would challenge you to think about the next.  As long as we are on this side of the dirt, we have the ability to do and be whatever we want.

Worry: Worry leads to doubt.  It leads to indifference.  It leads to indecision.  It leads to over caution.  Sometimes you have to stop worrying and start living.  Why worry what others might think.  We don’t want to be reckless and jump off a cliff, but we can’t worry ourselves into the poor house.  What if I pay cash for a car and it breaks down.  That mindset is what keeps people paying car payments for their entire life, I speak from experience on this.  What if I change jobs and hate it?  It might happen, but what if it is the best thing you ever did?   And if it isn’t, you can find another job.

These above emotions are emotions we all have and will continually have to deal with.  Which one of these is holding you back and keeping you in a poverty mindset?   What are some areas in your life right now where  you are lacking something that you want and desire.  How do you overcome the emotions to fill that lack?

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To your success and your future.






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