Adjust the action steps

Based on my research on the facts and numbers of New Years resolutions and people’s ability to stick with them. We are roughly about ten days or so into the new year, which means people are already starting to fail on their commitments that they made. Read this link to see those facts and figures. 
Confucius said it like this:  “When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.” 
How are you doing on your commitments?  Are you sticking with them?  If not.  What needs to change so you can keep those commitments.  For things to change you must change.  Which may require new information.  Sure, change requires you to have a strong compelling reason to make the change.  And then the commitment to that new change.  However, an important step in this that is sometimes overlooked is the information necessary for you to make this change actually occur.

We cannot do something that we don’t know how to do.  Can we?  Sure we can try, and that is a start and is admirable.  Is it enough?  Sometimes it could be, sometimes it isn’t.
For example:  When I made a decision to lose weight.  I said I wanted to lose X amount of weight by April. I got to April and I hadn’t lost much weight.  I knew that calories and exercise impact this.  It is basic math.  Fewer calories in and more calories burned, I would lose weight.  What I didn’t have though was an app that could help me do this.  I heard about an app that could help me track my calories from a friend of mine. That app changed everything for me.  It was new knowledge.  That new knowledge helped me achieve my goal.  I didn’t change my goal of losing weight, I changed my action steps.  That app gave me the awareness I needed to change my action steps in my day to achieve my goal.
We are only ten days into the New Year, if you have already nibbled away from your commitments, then you are lucky, because we are only ten days into the new year and you can get back on track.  Don’t adjust your goals, adjust your actions. I am here to help, maybe you need some new knowledge, or maybe you need an accountability partner, or maybe you need both. Jump over to where I have resources that may be able to assist you or reach out to me and maybe I can work with you one on one. Lets make 2015 our best year yet.
 To your success and your future. 



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