The book that changed my life

2014 was an awesome year.  I accomplished many things and my book was one of those things.  As I held my book in my hands this past week.  I just stared at it and said, WOW.  I would have never guessed that I would write a book.  I would have never guessed that the words and concepts in the book would have even come from me five years ago.  It is amazing how quickly any of us can change who we are and become whoever we want to be.   I read a quote recently that said “the book that you write is the book that will change your life the most”, I couldn’t agree more.

In 7 ways to more, I outline seven areas that I have committed to in my life that have given me exceptional results.  What is exceptional results? For me exceptional results in these seven areas serve me in all areas in my life. Dedication to my health, a commitment to personal and self-development, a strategic goal setter, becoming a more intentional thinker, a conscientious effort on who, where, and how I spend my time, intentional about establishing and maintaining good habits, and lastly creating a foundation in faith with a positive attitude and hope towards an awesome future.

The book takes a deeper dive into all seven areas where I illustrate my personal stories that helped me identify these key areas.  We all have influences in our lives, I highlight and acknowledge the influencers I had in my life.

What happens now.  Well like my book states in the chapter in goal setting.  Once you start setting goals and accomplishing them, the momentum you get will motivate you to set more and bigger goals.  I am currently working on the next.  I cant wait to see what it is.

To get a free download of the introduction of my book go to  On this page you can also click the link that will take you to my createspace url that will allow you to purchase the book online.

I want to leave you with this.  You are an awesome person, you can accomplish anything you choose to, you can do things that you never thought you could do, you can do whatever you want, but you just have to start doing.  Today, start doing something towards a better future and a better you.

To your success and your future.


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