Keeping AVERAGE away today

In a world where average is the norm and pretty much everyone you come across is pretty much average. I thought today would be a good day to discuss some ways that I plan on keeping the average away today.  Average is easy, Average doesn’t take much effort, Average well, is just average and nobody really wants to be average.  The tone that average comes off of my lips when I am saying the word just brings me down and makes me feel, average.

Here are six things I am doing today to ensure I keep average out of my life today.

1.  Don’t take advice from people who are average:  Everyone has an opinion, but I believe you must have earned the right to have an opinion. How do you earn the right?  That is a complex question with many answers, but it starts with competence and character first.  Secondly, Results.  Yep, I don’t take health and exercise advice from fat people (no offense) and I don’t take financial advice from broke people.

2.  When I don’t feel like doing the task, I am going to do it anyway with speed and efficiency:  It is 6:27 am as I am typing this blog.  There have been three things already today that I didn’t really want to do.  Meaning if they would have gotten done without me doing them, I would have been fine with that.  But that can’t happen.  I am the only one that can do those three things and I did them.  I am going to keep that my focus all day.

3.  Seek excellence in what I do: Since it is easy to beat most people’s expectations, again no offense, but most people have low expectations.  I am going to continue to set my own expectations, because they are much higher than anyone else’s.  I am going to pursue excellence in my personal life and career life. If you aren’t seeking excellence, get out of my way.

4.  Work towards my own personal goals first:  Sure I have a full-time job with goals and expectations.  I will complete them all today, without a doubt.  However, I will also ensure that my own personal goals for my health, my wealth, my education, my own personal interests are pursued and accomplished as well.   

5.  Take a few risks:  I have on the schedule today to take a few risks.  I know what a few of them are and I am still contemplating on the others.  Since one of my overriding themes for 2015 is NOEXCUSES, this will require me to take a some risks.  I may have to say something unpleasant to someone, I may have to invest some time in a new area, I may have to put some money up.  Whatever it is I know for me to get to the next level I have to take some risks. No risk, no reward, couldn’t be a more truer statement. 

6.  Help people who want the help and those who need the help:  Since my time is very valuable and yours is to, it is hard to allocate the time to necessary to everyone who wants it or needs it.  So today I am going to spend my time with those who really want it and I am going to find a way to provide some time for those who need the help and maybe cant get the help they need.

This blog is all about the success journey and I hope you see value in it.  Please share this blog with someone you know.

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