Get back on track

Today has been a great day!  For some reason at the end of 2014, I had a lot going on and I had nibbled away from some things that were really important and really make a difference in my life.  Did you catch my excuse?  I did, #noexcuses2015

This morning I had a chance to get back in to the thing I had nibbled away from.  It was an awesome thing!  They welcomed me back with open arms, I don’t know if they missed me, per se, but I know I missed them.

We all nibble away from time to time don’t we?  At times we might take a few days off from eating well.  Or we might not be as diligent in cutting our expenses in our household.  You might not be as focused at work as you said you were going to be.  You might be complaining more, after deciding to complain less.  You don’t spend as much time with your kids as you said you would.  You aren’t finding the time to prospect as much as you committed to.  Whatever it is for you, you can get back on track starting today, right now!

25 days ago today, maybe you made some decisions.  And if you are like most people (if you are reading this blog you aren’t like most people) however, you may have already nibbled away from some of those decisions you made.  Did you establish some goals and commitments for 2015? Are you still on track?

Just like I decided on Friday that I would get back on track for something that is important to me, that I had nibbled away from.  You can decide as well.  You just have to decide and make it happen.  Nothing is stopping you, except for you.

To get back on track go back to the reason “why” you decided that the “thing” was important to you in the first place.  Once you remember that “why”, write it down again.  Then make the plan to hold yourself accountable to getting it done.  What do you have to change again to make it happen?  What do  you have to do differently than you have been doing?  Do it now!

I made the decision on Friday to get back on track and I managed that decision all weekend.


To your success and your future.



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