Month: February 2015

  • Decide; Work Smarter and Lead, book notes and summary

    Decide; Work Smarter and Lead, book notes and summary

    Decide; Work Smarter, Reduce your Stress, and Lead by example. author: Steve McClatchy Link to book: Steve McClatchy has taken time management and priorities to a different level.  He presents the material in his book in a unique way with stories and illustrations that really make the points he is conveying.  This is one of […]

  • What will your dash say

    What will your dash say

    Kind of a morbid topic on a Friday.  But nonetheless it is the one that is on my mind.  And why not write about this, maybe it will fire you up a little.  This week I have had a million things going on.  I am sure you are in the same boat.  We all have […]

  • Stop Whining and Start Working

    Stop Whining and Start Working

    Throughout my career I have tried to learn something from just about everyone I have interacted with.  I believe that every single person we interact with has the ability to teach us something that we didn’t already know. You just never know where little life lessons and nuggets of wisdom will come from.  So you […]

  • Why being broke sucks

    Why being broke sucks

    I grew up in a lower middle class family.  We didn’t go without and parents worked very hard to give my brothers and I everything we ever wanted, and what they could afford.  I never thought about being rich or being poor.  However, as an adult I can look back on my youth and say […]

  • WellBeing; The Five Essential Elements; summary and notes

    WellBeing; The Five Essential Elements; summary and notes

    Title:  Well Being; The Five Essential Elements.  Authors: Tom Rath and Jim Hartner.  Tom Rath is the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Strenthsfinder 2.0.  Strengthsfinder was listed by USA Today as the best business book in 2008.  Mr. Rath partnered with Jim Hartner who is the Chief Scientist for Gallup’s international workplace […]

  • Movement versus Improvement

    Movement versus Improvement

    It is 4:00 pm and I have accomplished a lot today.  Take a look at my to do list. There are a lot of things with lines through them that I was able to get done today.  Does this sound like you at the end of some days?  It does for me as well.  I […]

  • You should study more

    You should study more

    When I use the word “Study” with most people look at me like I am crazy. The word “study” is used primarily in formal education and in most cases in our society it means study enough to learn the material, pass the test, and then you can move on. My challenge for you today is […]

  • 3 ways to increasing your income

    3 ways to increasing your income

    I am around a lot of people who want to increase their income.  I think that is a worthwhile and valuable goal to have.  It is a goal that most of us have on some level, I know I do.  Now is the time when I can hear some of my readers saying: “It’s not […]

  • The reason why you procrastinate

    The reason why you procrastinate

    Procrastination is a disease and if you aren’t careful it can kill you.  It can kill your spirit, it can kill your confidence, and it, really can kill you.  If you don’t get the pain in your chest checked out, it could eventually kill you. Why do we procrastinate?  Best selling author Steve McClatchy states […]

  • How to Kill a Unicorn; book notes and summary

    How to Kill a Unicorn; book notes and summary

    Book Title:  How to Kill a Unicorn; How the Worlds hottest innovation factory builds bold ideas that make it to market.  Mark Payne the founder of Fahrenheit 212 is the author of the book and provides his playbook on how he has helped major companies transform their businesses through innovation. This book was a great […]