Delayed Decisions

January was one of the most costly months I have had in a few years with just hard costs and hard expenses for something that there is zero return, at least not in the short run.  There were several opportunities that presented themselves that I had to make a decision on quickly and pursue it all costs regardless of time and money.  In each of the cases I could have delayed and pushed off the expenses to a more favorable and planned out day and time, with additional planning on the resources as well, but instead I put up the money and paid the price.

What is delayed decision-making costing you right now?  In my case, a delay would have pushed the potential for future revenue and growth opportunities for me personally much further into the future. In my case I had to make some decisions quickly that could impact my future significantly, delaying these decisions would have cost me more than what was loss in paying now.

What are some decisions that you currently have in front of you that you are delaying on?  Should I change jobs or stay with this one and see where it takes me? I need to stop eating like I am a teenager and focus on eating more fruits and vegetables and less fattening and fried foods.  Should I go back to school and finish that degree. Should I sign up for that seminar.  Should I get rid of that high expense item in my budget, so I can get closer to getting out of debt.  These are some examples of decisions that you may be delaying on right now.

In each of the scenarios above there is a cost associated with delaying the decision.  Some of it may be a hard cost now, or a hard cost in the future.  Diet and health decisions delayed could have a big impact on your future earnings, its hard to earn anything if you are dead, or if you are alive and sick its hard to make things happen. A college degree has a lot of potential for future earnings, what is that delay costing you?

We all have some decisions that are no brainers.  You just do them.  However, a lot of times we delay on decisions that could propel us forward.  We over think them. We gather more data. We think we are being smart by continuing the status quo and waiting for a better time.  I have found that the time is really never right.  Just when I think I am about to hit the right time, I get there and say, lets wait just a little bit longer.

I asked this earlier in the post and I will ask you again (I am asking myself as well)  What is a decision you need to make that you are delaying on?  Have you gathered all of the facts and you know what needs to be done, but you just aren’t doing it?  How much is that costing you in future earnings?

To your success and your future.






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