What will your dash say

Kind of a morbid topic on a Friday.  But nonetheless it is the one that is on my mind.  And why not write about this, maybe it will fire you up a little.  This week I have had a million things going on.  I am sure you are in the same boat.  We all have a million things going on all of the time. Some of these things are just maintenance types of things.  Such as cleaning the house, going to the grocery, Drs. appointments, responding to emails, etc. Let me ask you though?  Did you push anything forward that is on your “want to do” list?  Did you get closer to your biggest goals you have in your life?

I am reminded this morning once again about this quote: There’ll be two dates on your tombstone. And all your friends will read ’em. But all that’s gonna matter is that little dash between ’em. – Kevin Welch.

What will your dash say?  As the quote states you will be remembered for the little dash.  I want that little dash to be awesome. Not only for the people who have the chance to look down at the dash, but mainly because I am living the dash right now.  Which means I can still make my dash awesome.  I want my dash to say that I was a person of high character and big values.  I want my dash to say he enjoyed life.  I want my dash to say that he gave all he could to all the ones he could.  I want the dash to say that while he was here he contributed a lot.  He gave more than he took.  He got things done.  He lived a life of intentionality.  He loved and in return he was loved.

Most people, now this doesn’t include you, because you aren’t most people.  But most people don’t think past today or maybe they think a little bit longer and may be thinking about the weekend.  Successful people have the ability to think long-term.  They think about their actions and what the consequences will be for those actions not only today, but in the future as well.

So what actions are you taking towards a better future?  What actions are on your “want to do” list that you just haven’t got around to?  If you haven’t got around to them just yet, you must, I mean you must figure out a way to make them happen.

Make sure your dash is awesome today.

To your success and your future.






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