Take NO days off (completely)

Yesterday morning I was listening to an audio download by one of my favorite authors on leadership.  I get a monthly lesson on leadership and personal development from John.  The John Maxwell audio was on an article John read from Paul C. Brunson.  Paul worked for two billionaires.  You can read the article here: http://paulcbrunson.com/2014/01/20-successful-habits-learned-working-two-billionaires-part-1/

The lesson that I liked the most that resonated with me is the lesson of: Take NO days off completely.  If you are thinking this is another blog post on working hard, you are right, and if this is not what you want, stop reading now!

In Johns lesson he unpack’s this lesson some, but I want to unpack it some more and what he means to me.

Do you need some down time?  Yes we all do.  But the point of taking no days off means this, as John eloquently states:  “On days off work is not FIRST, but it isn’t FORGOTTEN either.”  In the article Paul references work being like a baby and you would never leave your baby.  I get that.

I like Johns approach on it and that is the approach I prefer to take. On my days off, I still have my routine which underscores my mission and my goals I have in my life.  I have certain things I do everyday.  Yes everyday, this never changes.  Everyday I read or listen to something educational.  Yes everyday.  Everyday I try to add value to others through one on one or through writing something.  These are two things that I do everyday.  They fall into my bigger purpose in my life and fits into my other business interests as well.

Do you always have to be taking action towards your work?  Not necessarily, on your days off you can use that time to think about the work you want and need to do, and how you should do it.  These days are good for strategy and brainstorming.

Here is what I have learned in the last 10 years or so, most specifically the last three years since becoming an entrepreneur. There are really no off days.  If you are desirous of getting to certain point in your career, you have to approach your job this way.  When you are cutting the grass at home on Sunday, thinking about what you can do to increase the business has to be on your mind.  If you are desirous of running your own company, it takes constant work, especially if you are starting it out on the side and you have a full-time job.  In the business we call it your side HUSTLE.  If you have a side HUSTLE, there are definitely no days off.  If you are passionate about what you are doing, you wouldn’t want to take a day off anyway.

Here is what I want to leave you with.  If you truly need days off from your work and that is important to you. I get it.  If you are truly doing work within what you are passionate about, then you wont want to take days off. My advice is to start doing work within a field or career you are passionate about.

To your success and your future.



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