Do you have an agenda today?

Years ago my mentor taught me something called the daily five.  I have always liked the number five for many reasons, but most importantly I like it because I can remember five things pretty easily and that is half the battle sometimes.

A daily five can be applied to any area of your life, your career, your parenting, your mentoring, your business, etc.  The daily five is really your playbook of what you do everyday.  I like to call them my absolutes, meaning I will absolutely do these things above all else. No matter what happens in my schedule, the craziness of life, or situations that may arise.  These five things will be done every single day.

Here are my daily five:

Health and Fitness:   Everyday I focus on my health and fitness.  Six out of seven days I will do some kind of physical activity.  I say six, because I’ll miss a day from time to time.  However, when I miss a day I will focus much more on the diet part of health and fitness for that particular day.  Focusing on my health at the beginning of every day allows everything else in my life work.

Read something:  Facebook feeds doth count either.  I have set a new goal of how many books I want to read over the next few years.  It’s a big number.  To accomplish this goal I have and will continue to read something of value every single day. I read things that add value to my life, my business, or my relationships.

Take Inventory:  It is real easy to let the day get away from me and not find the time to think about what occurred throughout the day.  Although, I am not the best at doing this at the end of that day, I am very diligent in doing it the morning of the next day.  So it fits into my daily five. The main way I take inventory is through my journal and my calendar.  I look at my calendar to determine if I made progress towards any of my major goals that I have set for myself.

Be of value to someone else: The only way I can be of value to another person is to become more valuable myself.  The only way I become more valuable is to continue to seek my full potential.  I am a river and not a reservoir.  A river flows, and a reservoir holds water.  I don’t want to hold the information. Sharing information with others through meetings, one on one, or through my various social networks are some of the ways I allow the information to flow through me and be of value to another person.

Lead Myself:  To do the above four things well I must lead myself well.  This is hard to do sometimes, but it must be done.  We are all Free Agents.  We don’t belong to anyone or anybody.  I control my life and my own destiny.  To lead myself well, I have to understand that I am in the driver’s seat and I am the one in control of my day, my money, my relationships, my career, and everything else about life.  I must equip myself well so I can lead myself well.

Do you have a daily list that you follow everyday?  I would love to hear what you do everyday.  Please share.

To your success and your future.







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