Your excuses are old

What is on your should do list today?  Is it exercising for 30 minutes, reading a periodical that can help your career, calling the school to finish your degree that you just haven’t got around to yet, signing up for the training class, etc.?

All of the above are things that you don’t have to do, but you should do.  But most of us (including myself at times) don’t make the time for the things we should do.  Why don’t we make the time?  I am not sure.  If I had to guess, I would say that we don’t make the time, because they are not have to do’s, like a lot of what we have to do everyday is.  So you have to quit it with the excuses, its go time.

Make your should do’s, a MUST do:  I am not sure how this can work for you, but I will tell you how it works for me.  Exercising for me use to be a should do, but it became a have to and must do (that I enjoy, most of the time) when I saw my mother in the hospital having a heart attack.  I talk about this experience in my book 7 Ways to More.  Go to this link and purchase the book, if you want to read the entire story.     The reason it became a must do is because without health nothing else really matters.  And after seeing my mother and seeing what is in my genes, I said this has to be a priority.  This was the sign I needed to change my thinking from should to must.  So what signs do you have in your life right now that are flashing in front of you saying I must turn these should do’s into must do’s?

Do it early: Early to me isn’t a time necessarily.  It is when you are at your best and if you are like most people you are your best when you are well rested and focused.  For me this happens to be early in the morning.  The reason that is because after a long day of work I don’t have the willpower to do the things I should do.  Almost four years ago, I changed my should do’s to the morning. This is when I am the best and focused and it changed my life forever.  So when are you at your best? I know many people tell me that they are their best late at night or after they get off of work.  Maybe you are.  I say do it early, because that is what works for me, however, the key is to ensure you have it scheduled and planned.

What should do’s on your list are you going to make must do’s? We all have many excuses each and everyday why we didn’t get anything on our should do’s list accomplished. But those excuses aren’t getting you closer to better health, more educated, or a better life. Change your should do’s to must do’s and see how things change for you.

To your success and your future.






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