Month: April 2015

  • 5 must do’s to hit goals and eliminate excuses

    5 must do’s to hit goals and eliminate excuses

    Are you just trying to get through your day or are you trying to get something from the day?  That is the question.  I know many people who are intentional about their life, but intentional meaning they are intentionally getting through all of the tasks they must do each day, instead of pursuing the things […]

  • Striving for Perfection

    Striving for Perfection

    The last three weeks have been kind of crazy for me.  I have had life changing things occur which have caused some changes in my normal routine and even my health.  I guess that happens when life changing things occur. The last week or so, I have been trying to write (type) out a blog […]

  • Managing your desires

    Managing your desires

    One of the most prolific studies ever conducted on managing desires was done in Germany. The study included over 200 men and women wearing beepers. These Germans wore beepers that went off at random intervals seven times a day, prompting them to report whether they were currently experiencing some sort of desire or had recently […]

  • Don’t continue to be a fool

    Don’t continue to be a fool

    It is time to count.  Yep.  It is black and white.  It is not gray, it is not up for debate, it is not  up to interpretation. You have either made progress towards your goals or you haven’t.  Do you remember back in December, btw: it was only 12 weeks or so ago.  You made […]