Striving for Perfection

The last three weeks have been kind of crazy for me.  I have had life changing things occur which have caused some changes in my normal routine and even my health.  I guess that happens when life changing things occur.

The last week or so, I have been trying to write (type) out a blog that makes sense.  As of this morning I was looking at my drafts and I have seven drafts of different blogs I have attempted to write, but just can’t seem to finish for some reason.  Maybe it is my lack of focus or clarity on what I am attempting to write or maybe I am not passionate about what I am attempting to write, I don’t know.

So in my attempt to write out something that is perfect and makes sense I have yet to accomplish anything for anyone to see or read.  If you read one of those seven drafts I have written, you would probably laugh or in some cases cry, because of the harshness and lack of clarity they have.

As I was looking at those drafts in my attempts to be perfect, I instead accomplished nothing. Which lead me to this blog post which is probably lacking clarity and focus as well, but it has a message.  Do something, ship something, publish something, say something.  If you wait for things to be perfect you will never accomplish anything.  The time is never right and nothing is ever perfect at least not on the first draft.

Seth Godin, talks about life being one big draft.  If you look at life this way, it means you will always be editing it, because that is what a draft is.  It is just a mock-up.  But as you continue to edit the draft, make changes, become wiser, the draft gets better.

Don’t try to be perfect today, instead just do something.

To your success and your future.






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