If I knew then what I know now part (3)

In this third post on the topic of “If I knew then what I know now” series, I discuss the art and science of Goal Setting.  This series and the data come from a group of people in my circles that I posed a very simple question to.  “What is one thing you know now that you wish you knew when you graduated high school?”  I received a lot of responses, but as I stated in series 2 (click here for that post) http://www.thebrianwillett.com/self-development-addict-blog/2015/5/22/if-i-knew-then-what-i-know-now-part-2  many of the respondents, about 50% said they wish they understood finances better.  The second largest response from this group was specific or tied to goal setting. This is a subject that I am very passionate about as well.

To me goal setting is something that everyone says they do, but rarely when I ask them to tell me what their goals are can they state them with clarity.  In my position I interview a lot of people.  I ask a very simple question followed up by another very simple question.  “Give me an example of a goal that you set for yourself in the last six months personal or professional, that you were successful in accomplishing”.  The follow-up question is the same question, except, I change the word successful to unsuccessful in accomplishing.  Most candidates, have to think about it for a few minutes then they typically go to something related to work, professional.  That is a good answer because it lets me know they can think on their feet and it lets me know a little bit about who they are.  But this makes my point.  Most people don’t have clearly defined goals for their life.  The professional goals are usually goals that are handed down to the individuals or it is part of their job to begin with.

As of typing this blog this morning.  It is May 27, 2015.  In four days it will be June 1, 2015, which means we are half way through 2015.  On my computer I have my 2015 goals opened up at the bottom of my screen all of the time. It is there as a constant reminder to me.  I know where I stand on all of my goals that I set for 2015.  But just to give you some insight on a few of these goals.

I had a personal development goal to read a new book a week this year.  As of this morning I have read 28.  So obviously I am doing a little a better on this goal. Another goal was financial:  Without being too open here, lets just say I had a goal to save a large amount of money. Another goal I have related is to relationships/dating.  In each of these three areas, I have met or exceeded my goal.  Our lives are made up of really a few major areas.  They typically are financial, relationships (family, friends, spouses, etc.), career, spiritual, health.  You can add in other areas as well, such as traveling and as I did, personal development.  I am not saying these are the only areas we should have goals in, but these make up the biggest parts of our lives.

So why do I share the above examples with you?  As I pointed out from the respondents in my poll, goal setting was clearly an area we all wish we had known more about when we graduated high school.  As I illustrated in my example of interviewing people and asking them the question on goal setting it is something that we all understand, but most aren’t as intentional with their goals as they think they are.

When you become a better and more intentional goal setter in all areas of your life, your life will become the life that you design and develop and not the one that you end up pursuing because you didn’t plan it out.

I write this blog today and share my examples with you with the hopes of inspiring some of you to take action.  If you are interested in learning how to become a better goal setter, I challenge you to reach out to me, I have some tools that can guide you to accomplishing your goals.  Remember this.  A goal that is not clearly defined and written out (typed out) is merely a wish.

To your success and your future.






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