3 lessons I know, but have to keep learning

I don’t know about you, but there are just some lessons that I have learned and should be ingrained in my mind by now, but they are not.  For this reason alone I invest in my own personal and self-development.  Sure, most of the books I read, or seminars I listen to, or blogs I read basically have similar information in them, but these constant reminders of this information is what makes them stay on the top of my mind.  These content reminders are what keep me focused and productive and in pursuit of my goals, dreams, and ambitions.

So what are the lessons I have learned and must keep learning?

1.  Don’t follow people who have not been where I want to go.  Sorry.  If your desire is to make six figures or seven figures.  The person that makes five figures can’t get you where you want to go.  They don’t have the knowledge to get you there.  They don’t know the path, because they haven’t found it themselves. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur  don’t listen to your neighbor who hasn’t done anything entrepreneurial, ever, unless you count peddling the Girl Scout cookies for his daughter every year.  I must follow people who know and have been on the journey of the places I seek to go.

2.  Dont compare my start with someone else’s middle or ending.  When you start out you are not very good.  You can’t be. You’re starting.  You haven’t done it yet.  However, I tend to want to compare myself to some of the best writers out there (yeah right), and some of the best trainers I have been exposed to.  I want to compare myself to runners that have been banging out miles for years.  It is a lesson that I have to remind myself of frequently.  In some of my endeavors, I am just starting or I am not as far down the road, so I can’t compare my journey and where I am on this journey with other people who have been on the journey much longer than I have.

3. Evolution and transitions don’t happen on my time ever. Google definition of evolution: the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form.  Google definition of transition: passage from one state, stage, subject, or place to another.  Both of the above take time, effort, and discipline. Bad example but here it is: How long does it take to get 25 pounds overweight?  It doesn’t happen overnight.  It can take a while.  So how long should it take to lost the weight?  Hopefully shorter than it took to put it on, but it can’t happen overnight.  Wouldn’t it be cool if could though :)!

How long does it take for a career to develop? How long does it take to make a transition from one point in your life to another?  All of these areas, never happen on my time.  I am in the process of going through some major transitions and evolution in my career and in my personal life as we speak.  Some of them I wish were over already, but that isn’t realistic. They take time.

The above three lessons I must continue to learn again and again and that is what makes me determined in all of my endeavors. The first step in success is awareness of where you are. Once you know where you are, you can then start mapping out the strategy to get where you want to go.

What are some lessons you have to keep learning? Please share.  I would love to hear your experiences.

To your success and your future.






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  1. Elise Avatar

    Great read!

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