How hungry are you?

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling, Keep rolling, come on keep going, oh my gosh, what just happened.  I can still remember the first time I got a birdie on the golf course.  It was hole number 8, a par 3 at Seneca Golf Course two summers ago.  I was fairly new at playing golf, so this was a major milestone for me. For those who don’t play golf may not understand the excitement that would come from this experience.

I hit the ball off the tee to a small hill behind the flag (hole), it was not on the green. From where my ball laid,  I knew if I hit the ball up on the green (in a certain spot) that it would roll down the hill and funnel into the hole for the birdie.  These kinds of shots play out perfectly in my head every single time, however actually doing it is much harder. This time it actually played out perfectly in my head and on the golf course.  The ball did exactly what I wanted it to do.

I can still remember doing this and the excitement that I had afterwards.  I don’t think I have had too many brides since then, sadly enough.  However, I keep coming back to the game because when you do hit a good shot or have an experience like the one I describe it keeps you hungry for more.

This year I have had many opportunities present themselves.  I have planned and prepared for each of these opportunities for many years, so it wasn’t luck.  In each of these opportunities I had a chance to win and it push me closer to my some of my personal and professional goals.  I won some of these and lost one of these.

Which one of these opportunities am I thinking about right now?  I am thinking about the one I didn’t win.  It is the one that is on my mind.  Why didn’t I win it?  Why wasn’t I better prepared?  Why wasn’t it a no brainer?  Why? Why? Why?  I don’t think I will ever know exactly why I didn’t win, but I have an opinion.

This opinion is what is keeping me hungry.  It is pushing me to go and get the knowledge.  The experience. The people. The opportunities.  I am doing this, not because I want that same opportunity to come up again. I don’t care about it anymore.  However, I do care about the fact that it was an opportunity I wasn’t ready for.  This missed opportunity is the one that I know in my mind I wasn’t ready for

So what is keeping you hungry right now and are you hungry?  Have you ever been so hungry that you thought you were going to die if you didn’t eat?  Come on! We have all felt this at some point in our life.  We will do whatever it takes when we feel this way and go find the food so we can feel better.

That is my challenge to you this weekend? Have you found the thing that makes you hungry?  Maybe it is a new job that provides you better working hours, so you can spend more time with family. Maybe it is more money so you can provide to your family a better life.  Maybe it is a more balanced life in relationships.  Whatever it is, ask yourself “Are you hungry enough?”

Hitting another birdie one day on the golf course keeps me coming back to the golf course.  Not being prepared when an opportunity presented itself, keeps me hungry to go find the necessary skills so next time I will be prepared.

Stay hungry my friends.

To your success and your future.






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