Month: June 2015

  • It’s right in front of you!

    It’s right in front of you!

    I have told you, my readers, many times that one of the main reasons I write is because it holds me accountable.  Writing provides me an outlet to flesh out my own thoughts and ideas, which in turn makes me think through the subject that I am faced with at that time.  And, it is […]

  • Will you be EAGER today?

    Will you be EAGER today?

    As a leader I have the fortunate opportunity to interview a lot of people for positions at varying levels within the companies I have worked for and worked with. I have also had the fortunate opportunity to interview people who are interviewing for promotions within those same companies.  With the 100’s of people I have […]

  • Start Today

    Start Today

    June 1st is one of my favorite days of the year. It is the half way point of the year.  And I must say that this year it is incredibly awesome because I am crushing it on all fronts regardless of my circumstances or the things that have occurred this year. Yep June 1st is […]