How to be UNSTOPPABLE; part 2

Do you want to be unstoppable? Do you want to be the best?

In the first post I described the first 3 characteristics of elite performers and what they do that makes them Relentless and unstoppable.

Check out part 1 here:

In the second part I continue outlining the 13 things Relentless people do.  These thirteen ideas come from Tim S. Grover’s book Relentless; From Good to Great to Unstoppable.

You have a dark side that refuses to be taught to be good.

  • Jekyll and Hyde: Jekyll quietly lives by the rules.  Hyde acts on impulse and instinct; he exists only in Jekyll’s zone.  Hyde does whatever he wants and doesn’t care about consequences or whom he has to destroy in the process.
  • Jekyll lives in the light and Hyde lives in the dark.
  • Its like Superman shedding mild mannered Clark Kent’s suit and glasses, the Incredible Hulk going green, Batman putting on the cape.  Performing instinctively at the most extraordinary level.  NO FEAR. NO Limitation. Just action and results.
  • Deep inside us all, there’s an undeniable force driving your actions.  The part that refuses to be ordinary.
  • The dark side, you need it. Because if you haven’t figured it out by now, it’s the essential link to getting into the Zone and achieving what you want.
  • The dark side:  No challenge is too great, too intimidating, too dangerous, because you have zero fear of failing.
  • The satisfaction doesn’t come from the risk, it comes from mastering it.
  • You don’t get to the best at anything without blistering confidence and an impenetrable shell.  You get there by taking huge risks that others wont take, because you rely on your instincts to know which risks to take at all.
  • The dark side doesn’t have to be sick or evil or criminal, you can be a good person and still have this one part of you that remains untamed.
  • Spiderman, Batman, and Superman, lived dark lives, but fought for good.
  • Staying safe means being limited, and you can’t be limited if you’re going to be relentless.
  • Control your dark side, don’t let it control you.

You’re not intimidated by pressure, you thrive on it.

  • There is no clutch gene.  Nope, it is called Preparation meeting opportunity.
  • True competitors always feel the pressure to attack and conquer, and thrive on it.
  • Relentless people feel pressure every moment and to them everything is always on the line.
  • Being relentless means constantly working for that result, not just when drama is on the line. Clutch is about last-minute. Relentless is about every minute.
  • Michael Jordans legendary trash talking wasn’t meant for the other guy; it was meant for him to heighten the pressure he put on himself, because once he told others how bad he was going to beat them, he had to deliver on that promise.
  • Stress keeps you sharp, it challenges you in ways you never imagined and forces you to solves issues and a manage situations that send weaker people for cover. Your level of success is determined by how well you embrace and manage stress.
  • Everyone wants to cut back on stress, because stress kills. Stress is what brings you to life. Let it motivate you, make you work harder. Use it, don’t run from it. When it makes you uncomfortable, so what?  The payoff is worth it. Work through the discomfort, you’ll survive.
  • You have to be able to recognize the difference between stress that can bring great results, and stress you create that causes chaos. Showing up unprepared causes chaos.
  • When you deal with stress all of the time, it becomes second nature. It’s still not easy or effortless, but you handle things without panicking because you have experience in accepting the rigors of complex challenges.

When everyone else is hitting the “In case of Emergency” button, they’re all looking for you.

  • Confidence means recognizing something isn’t working and having the flexibility and knowledge to make adjustments; cockiness is the inability to admit when something isn’t working, and repeating the same mistakes over and over because you stubbornly can’t admit you’re wrong.
  • You dont wing it or make it up as you go.  You are so prepared with so many options, that you’re truly ready for anything.
  • Some people know without a doubt they’ll be okay no matter what happens. Others choke as soon as things go wrong.
  • The trademark of a dangerous competitor. They don’t know whats coming, but they are prepared for whatever you show them, they’re ready. No fear of failure.
  • Building your reflexes so you know when your back is against the wall, you’ve got the right move.
  • How quickly can you make an adjustment if you take the wrong step?  Can you recognize the mistake and snap it back? You have to be willing to fail if you’re going to trust yourself to act from the gut, and then adapt as you go.  That’s the confidence or swagger that allows you to take risks and know that whatever happens, you’ll figure it out.
  • Being relentless means having the courage to say, “I’m going for this, and if I’m wrong, I’ll make a change and I’ll still be fine.” You can’t control or anticipate every obstacle.  You can only control your response.
  • If you want to be the best, you never have the luxury of shrugging off a bad performance. You face it, fix it, and prepare to win the next time.
  • Two things you can’t allow anyone to take from you:  Your reputation and your balls. That means accepting the responsibility for everything you do and say.
  • Maturity, experience, and practice…the more educated you become, the more you heighten your ability to adapt to situations because experience gives you a better understanding of nuances, the tiny details that no one else thinks are important.
  • The most successful people are those with the instincts to respond quickly to anything, without having to go back to the drawing board.

I hope you have enjoyed the Relentless series.  There will be two more parts in this series.

To your success and you future.






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