I don’t hear you!

That seems like that may be hard to do… Are you sure you can do that… Why do you want to do that… Do you think that is possible…  What if this happens…  What will you do if this occurs… How will you handle… What makes you so confident… Are you sure that is the right move…   And I could go on and on.

Have you ever heard any of the above statements before?  If you have been on this earth for longer than five minutes I am sure you have.  The sad part is those words are usually from the people who are closest to you.  The people in your family, friends, relatives, colleagues, etc.  They aren’t doing it deliberately most of the time.  In some cases they don’t even realize they are saying it.  It is just in their DNA to challenge you.  Most of the time the reason they are challenging you, is because they don’t want you to get further ahead than they are. Unfortunately this is sad but true.  Or they really don’t know how to encourage you.

My advice today when you hear this is to put your fingers in your ears and smile and say “I don’t hear you”.  Or if you don’t really want to be that dramatic.  Just nod your head and say ok. And then slowly walk away and make whatever it is, happen.

This is what I am choosing to do today.  I am going to let my haters be my motivators.  I personally like a little doubt in my life.  It kind of fuels my desire even more.  I don’t have to have it, but it doesn’t hurt.  However, that is me.  If you have too much negative pull in the wrong direction, which is down, than I would encourage you to get around people who encourage you and push you to pursue whatever goals and dreams you have.

Today is the day to pursue that hard thing.  Today is the day to say yes to that opportunity. Today is the day to walk away from the crowd.  Today is the day to be so confident in your abilities, that it doesn’t matter what anyone says.

Listen to your gut today.  It is usually right. Maximize all that you have while your pursue all you want.

To your success and your future.






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