How to be UNSTOPPABLE; part 3

In this third series I wrap up the remaining actions that Relentless people do.  To see the first two posts of this three-part series click the following links.

You don’t compete with anyone, you find your opponent’s weakness and attack.

  • Get on my level or get the hell out-of-the-way.
  • When you’re the person at the top, it’s on you to pull everyone else up there with you, or everything you’ve built comes crashing down.
  • A lot of gifted people will lower their skills to close the gap between themselves and those around them, so others can feel more confident, involved, and relatively, competitive.  Not relentless people.
  • Michael Jordan went the other way, and came right out and said it.  The rest of the team was his supporting cast. He was relentless.  And didn’t apologize for it.
  • Everyone is given some ability at birth. Not everyone finds out what that ability is. Sometimes you find it own your own, or it has to be shown to you.  Our challenge is life is to use the abilities we have, and to compensate for the abilities we don’t have.
  • Succesful people compensate for what they don’t have; unsuccessful people makes excuses, blame everyone else, and never get past those deficiencies. A true leader can see past those deficiencies, identify the abilities, and get the most out of that individual.
  • The only way you can light other people on fire is to be lit yourself, from the inside.
  • A professional doesnt let other people down just because of personal issues.  If you need to show up, you show up.
  • That’s how you get others to come up to your level: show them where it is, and set the example that allows them to get there.

You make decisions, not suggestions; you know the answer while everyone else is still asking questions.

  • Every minute, every hour, every day that you sit around trying to figure out what to do, someone else is already doing it.
  • Make a choice, or a choice will be made for you.
  • Most people don’t want to make decisions.  They make suggestions and wait to see what everyone else thinks.
  • Decide and then act.
  • Are you taking advice from people who know what they’re talking about, or those who don’t know anything?
  • Good things come to those who wait.  NOPE!  Good things come to those who work.
  • You can’t rely on others to jump up and make your dreams happen.  They have their own dreams, they’re not worrying about yours.
  • People get paid a fortune for being an expert at one thing.
  • Figure out what you do, then do it.  And do it better than anyone else.
  • Interesting how the guy with the most talent and success spends more time working than anyone else.

You don’t have to love the work, but you’re addicted to the results.

  • When you reduce your competition to whining that “you got lucky” you know you’re doing something right.
  • There are no shortcuts, and there is no luck.
  • There are facts and opportunities and realities, and how you respond determine whether you succeed or fail.
  • It doesn’t matter what you have been handed, it’s what you do after you receive it that affords you the privilege of saying, “I did this on my own.”
  • Only when you are truly relentless can you understand the determination to keep pursuing a target that never stops moving.
  • No question those who are more gifted get to the top faster.  So what?  Is that an excuse for not reaching as high?  You must earn it everyday, prove it, and sacrifice to stay at the top.
  • You can’t claim you ran a marathon if you started at the 17th mile.
  • Most people are looking for an elevator instead of taking the stairs. People quit workouts and diets because they are too hard.
  • What are you willing to sacrifice?
  • Hardwork is not a skill, anyone can do it.
  • Anyone can start something but few can finish it.
  • Part of the commitment to hard work is knowing what you will have to give up to pursue the mission.
  • There is no offseason when you are serious about being a winner.

You’d rather be feared than liked.

  • Fear and respect: let them know you were there by your actions, not your words or emotions.
  • The loudest guy in the room is the one with the most to prove.
  • When people start announcing what they are going to do and how they are going to do it, you can be sure they are only trying to convince themselves.
  • Intimidate your opponent by not saying a word.
  • You earn respect by having excellence in everything you do.
  • When you’re at the top, you show others how to act, you don’t come down to their level.
  • When you’re completely focused on one thing, your craft, its hard to pay attention to other people.
  • Being feared doesn’t mean being a jerk. It is being respected by what you do and how you do it.
  • Be known for the excellence of your work.
  • When people say they like you.  Chances are they like average. Be memorable.

You trust very few people, and those you trust better never let you down.

  • Being relentless means you trust yourself the most.  You don’t sit in the passenger seat of a car, because you know there are a lot of bad drivers and you want to be in control.
  • The truth is simple. It requires no explanation, analysis, rationale, or excuse; it’s just a simple statement that leaves no doubt.
  • Explanations are another way of saying, “I wasn’t sure, but then I went through this whole, long, thought process until I came to a decision, and now I’m pretty sure.
  • Don’t explain, don’t make excuses. Truth takes one sentence.
  • Surround yourself with those who want to see you succeed.

You don’t recognize failure; you know there’s more than one way to get what you want.

  • When you are relentless, you are done when you say you are done, not when someone else tells you are.
  • I don’t understand the concept of failure.
  • Failure is what happens when you decide you have failed. Until then, you’re still always looking for ways to get where you want to be.
  • You go, and you go, always looking for the unexpected option that keeps the situation in your control.
  • When someone else says you have failed, what they really mean is “if that were me, I would feel like a failure.” Well that guys not you.
  • When everyone else says you have failed. You show up like a professional, remap your course, and get back to work.  Thats the progression of good-great-unstoppable. No one starts at unstoppable.
  • I’ll try, is an open invitation to failure, just another way to say, “If I fail, it’s not my fault, I tried.”
  • Do or don’t do.  There is no try.
  • If you aim at excellence you have to be willing to sacrifice.  That is the price of success.
  • It’s not weak to recognize when its time to shift directions.
  • It’s weak to refuse to consider other options and fail at everything because you wouldn’t adapt.
  • To me success isn’t about money.  Success is about doing things that no one else can do. 
  • You can be good at playing it safe.  You can’t be relentless unless you’re willing to take chances.  Safe makes you good, chance make you great. 

You don’t celebrate your achievements because you always want more.

  • Theres always more work to do.  And more to prove. Always more to prove.
  • It’s that momentary feeling of “Enough” followed by a deep, hot urge of “More.”
  • Thats the relentless pursuit of excellence, always believing in your ability, demanding more of yourself than anyone else could ever ask of you.
  • The drive to close the gap between near perfect and perfect is the difference between great and unstoppable.  You never shake the uneasy feeling that you can’t ever be satisfied with your results; you always believe that you could have done better, and you stop at nothing to prove it.
  • To me, never being satisfied means being prepared for any situation, ready to adapt seamlessly without panic or fluster.
  • The greatest battles you will ever fight are with your self, and you must always be your toughest opponent.

I hope you enjoyed this three part series of the thirteen things Relentless people do to pursue and achieve success.  These principles come from the book by the author Tim S. Grover, Relentless, From Good to Great to Unstoppable. Buy it here:

To your success and your future.






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