Are you Good, Great, or UNSTOPPABLE?

In Tim S Grover’s book Relentless; From Good to Great to Unstoppable, he describes three kinds of people.  In his business he is talking about athletes, primarily NBA players.  But you can take his descriptions and apply them to all areas of life and business.

A cooler is Good; A Closer is Great; but a Cleaner is UNSTOPPABLE.  

In the book the author references Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Dwayne Wade as being cleaners.  Scottie Pippen and Lebron James as closers.

A cooler is careful, waits to be told what to do, watches to see what everyone else is doing, and then follows the leader. They are mediators, not decision makers, unless they are forced to make a decision. They handle a certain amount of pressure when things are going well, but when things get too intense, they kick the problem over to someone else. They can make plays, but they are not responsible for the outcome. They are setup people.

A closer can handle a lot of pressure and get the job done.  Put in the right situation and tell them what to do and they will do it.  They seek attention and credit, and they are aware of what everyone else is doing and what others think of them. They love the rewards and perks associated with their fame and would choose financial security over winning or success. The closer is the ultimate competitor, the guy/gal that you can always count on to finish out the game or make the deal when necessary. The closer does what they are supposed to do, gets the credit, and goes home a happy hero.

A Cleaner: Means never being satisfied. It means creating new goals every time you reach your personal best.  If you’re good, it means you don’t stop until you’re great.  If you’re great, it means you fight until you’re unstoppable. 

  • Cleaners have amazing careers
  • Closers have an amazing season
  • Coolers can have an amazing game
  • Coolers worry about the competition and how they measure up
  • Closers study the competition and plan their attack based on the opponent
  • Cleaners make the competition study them, they don’t care who they are facing, they know they can handle anyone.
  • Coolers avoid taking the winning shot
  • Closers take the shot if they know they have a good chance at hitting it.
  • Cleaners just trust their gut and shoot; they don’t have to think about it.
  • Coolers wont offer to take on a role they’re not comfortable with
  • Closers will take the role if you ask them and they’ll do it well, if they have enough time to prepare for and study the situation.
  • Cleaners don’t wait to be asked, they just do it.
  • Coolers let others decide when they’re successful; they do the job and wait to see if you approve.
  • Closers feel successful when they get the job done.
  • Cleaners never feel as if they’ve achieved success because there is always more to do.
  • Coolers don’t want to carry the team, but they’re the first to slap you on the back when you do a good job.
  • Closers want the credit for getting the job done and love being congratulated for what they did.
  • Cleaners rarely congratulate you for doing your job, they just expect you to do it.
  • Coolers think they want the spotlight, but when they get it, the usually handle it badly.
  • Closers stand in front because they need to show who’s in charge.
  • Cleaners don’t have to show who’s in charge, everyone already knows.
  • Coolers will eat whatever you feed them.
  • Closers will order what they want and be satisfied with a great meal.
  • It doesn’t matter what cleaners eat, they’ll still be hungry again in an hour.
  • The closer can win the game if given the opportunity, but the cleaner creates the opportunity.
  • A cooler gets everyone cranked up and emotional before the game.
  • A cleaner never gets cranked up or emotional, they stay cool and calm and saves it for the game.
  • A cooler tries to fight his dark side and loses
  • A closer acknowledges their dark side, but isn’t able to control it.
  • A cleaner harnesses their dark side into raw, controlled power.
  • A cooler is never in a situation where they have to be clutch.
  • A closer is clutch in high pressure situations.
  • A cleaner is always clutch.
  • A cooler waits for you to tell them the plan.
  • A closer works on the plan, studies it, memorizes it, and knows exactly what they are to do.
  • A cleaner doesn’t want a specific plan, they want all options available all of the time.
  • A cooler does a good job and waits for a pat on the back.
  • A closer does a good job and pats themselves on the back.
  • A cleaner just a does a good job, thats their job.
  • A cooler wonders whats going to happen.
  • A closer watches things happen.
  • A cleaner make things happen.
  • A cooler make you wish you paid them less.
  • A closer asks how much and then decides how hard they’ll work.
  • A cleaner doesn’t think about money, they just do the work and knows you’ll be grateful for the privilege of paying them.
  • A cooler keeps their opinion to their self.
  • A closer will say what they think, but only behind your back.
  • A cleaner will tell you straight to your face what they think, whether you like it or not.
  • A cooler is liked.
  • A closer is respected.
  • A cleaner is feared, and then respected for doing exactly what everyone feared they would do.
  • Coolers are afraid of the truth because they can’t deal with it.
  • Closers dig for the truth and get upset when it’s not in their favor.
  • Cleaners know when you’re lying and wait for the truth to show itself, they know whatever it is, they’ll handle it.
  • When a cooler speaks you have doubts.
  • When a closer speaks, you listen.
  • When a cleaner speaks, you believe.
  • A cooler accepts what they can’t do and gives up.
  • A closer recognizes what they can’t do but keeps working at it.
  • A cleaner knows what they can do and stays with it until they decide to do something else.
  • The cooler admits defeat
  • The closer works harder.
  • The cleaner strategizes for a different outcome.
  • A cooler is the first to arrive at the celebration and the last to leave.
  • A closer will make an appearance, then go out with his own crew.
  • A cleaner just wants to get back to work.

The above descriptions are at the beginning of each chapter.  They coincide with the 13 things Relentless people do.  If you would like to read what these 13 things are check out:  How to be UNSTOPPABLE; part 1  How to be UNSTOPPABLE; part 2  How to be UNSTOPPABLE; part 3

I hope you enjoyed reading this book summary.  I would encourage you to go and buy the book.  It is a great read, and an even better audio book.  Buy it here:

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