5 daily activities that will get you more sales

For me to be successful I must have an exact specific plan every single day.  I must know exactly what I plan to accomplish that day.  Many people have to do lists and notes on their iPad or iPhone.  However, a lot of to do lists are things that don’t necessarily move the ball forward in your personal development in a particular skill or profession.

Years ago one of my mentors shared with me their daily five list.  The daily five list are items/things that are done everyday to develop a skill.  Not some days, not every now and then, not only on the weekends, not only Monday through Friday.  Nope, these things are done every single day, or as I like to say, “on days that end in Y”.  It’s no different from a basketball player; they shoot free throws in practice every single day.  A golfer goes out to the driving range every day to hit golf balls.

To become a master sales person, someone who understands what it takes to be successful in sales and selling you must continue to develop the skill and perfect your craft of selling.

Here are my daily five:

1.  Lead me:  The biggest challenge we all have on any given day is leading ourselves.  That is why it is number 1.  Also, if you can’t lead yourself, you most likely wont be very effective in leading others either. In sales you are trying to influence someone else which is very similar to leading.

If we don’t lead ourselves well, we won’t do what is necessary to be more effective and efficient in our selling.  To be successful in anything we must start with daily disciplines and habits that over time develop a repeatable process that ensures we do what needs to be done.  Everyone knows what needs to be done, but our biggest challenges in life usually come from us not doing what we need to do.  In sales, you have to develop the habits and disciplines that will set you up to accomplish your goals. You must lead yourself well.

2.  Add value to people:  One of the major reasons we get into sales is we believe in our product. We believe so much in our product that we want to tell as many people as we possibly can about the benefits of purchasing our product.  We believe that our product adds value to the people who decide to use our product.  To add value to people we must tell as many people about our product as we can.  Take the approach of adding value to people not just selling to them.

3.  Study Selling:  Most people stopped studying when they graduated from the last grade they attended or took their last test to become certified in a specific field.  To be successful in selling and to make sales,  you have to continue to increase your knowledge in selling.  Unfortunately, we all forget things that we currently know, which is why it is important to continue to make a study of sales.  The only way to get better in sales is to continue to study sales and selling techniques. The more you learn the more you can earn.

4.  Practice Selling:  To become really great at selling you have to be sure you do it everyday.  You want to be engaged in a training program where you can practice skills and techniques and have a coach or mentor give you feedback on your approach and language. Refine and develop your skills in a learning environment, the key here is to practice.  Practice until you can’t get it wrong, and then when you are with a customer your chances of making the sale go up.

5.  Intentionally Grow:  Every single day we all wake up with great intentions to accomplish the things that we must accomplish.  The question is “What are those things” and do they assist us in moving the needle in areas of our life that make us better.  My mentor told me years ago that for things to change, I must change.  For me to change I must seek out ways to develop my skills to become a better _______.  In this case, a better sales person.  If you made a $100,000 dollars this year selling.  In what areas do you need to grow and develop so next year you can make $150,000 or $250,000.  Growth doesn’t happen by accident, you have to intentionally make time for it and do it regularly. That is why it is part of the daily five.

Do you have a daily five?  This is my daily five for selling.  When I do these things everyday, I sell more.  You can as well.

Regardless of what profession you are in you can use a daily five to develop and refine your skills in that area to become one of the best in your field or expertise.

To your success and your future.



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